Paperclip Sculpture

I discovered these little creatures in a box labeled “Shoes”. They are, though they were not originally intended to be, paperclip sculptures. Creating art from paperclips is a fairly common practice among anyone has had both an amount of time involving something tediously boring, and ready access to office supplies. Like pistachios, once you start in on them you often can’t stop. Also like pistachios, they leave an awful mess once the aforementioned tedium has ended since most people simply discard them when they are done. Occasionally one or two will actually come out well and someone will take it home with them, or to wherever it is they take sculptures, possibly a very tiny garden, and keep it for a few days until they feel the need to rid themselves of “clutter” and then it is discarded. Somehow these two escaped all those clutter-ridding attempts. The one on the left I call “Penguin”. It had an unfortunate mishap with a candle many years back and is now encased in wax. I don’t know what the was the one of the right is called, but I figured since they were together they must know each other, so I left him alone.