Transformers Lazer Blazers

One of those sexually ambiguous fads that spread through the early 80s like a rash caused by something you stepped on outside the arcade and then promptly disappeared in totality leaving everyone involved to think “Did that really happen?” was sticker collecting. As evidenced by the photo above, this fad really did happen, and infected even the healthiest among us. Lazer Blazers were late comers to the sticker scene, but were one of the first holographic sticker sets available, making them an instant hit. They came in packs of four, and were a who’s who of everything kids thought were cool in 1984. The only pack I own is the Transformers, featuring Megatron in all his full-frontal glory. Other characters lucky enough to have their likeness represented in foily 3D were the A-Team, Gremlins, Michael Jackson and My Little Pony. This pack is opened, but none of the stickers were ever removed or stuck.